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This section describes collaboration with CAS, Urumqi on Sustainable Water Resources Utilization in Dry Zone. 

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CTR - Center for Transdisciplinary reseasrch is established as a research entity registered in Sri Lanka to carry our resaearch activities related to INATE - International Network for Advancing Transdisciplinary Education. INATE is governed by a board comprising of scholars from INATE network. 

Main activiites of the center are

  1. Promotion of transdisciplinary research in 'Living Laboratories' ; as Academia, Government and Private Sector partnerships
  2. Organizing training and academic programmes based on INATE/UN-CECAR experiences. 

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INATE framework and coordinating committee was established at the planning workshop at Australian National University.

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The objective of the project is enhancing livelihoods of farmers as well as building resilience of agriculture production systems against climate change. This will be achieved by reducing losses from floods and ensuring a sustained supply of water by recharging ground water aquifers. Specifically it will;

  • Address flood problems due to expected increase of rain inten- sities through integrated flood management approaches.

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